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Welcome to the Mandir
The Mukti-Gupteshwar Mandir has excellent facilities to conduct poojas, including, but not limiting to, poojas for all the 16 Sanskaras, by the experienced priests with vedic rituals . Some of the poojas, regularly conducted, are:
Annapraashan,Naamkarn Sanskar, Gand Mool Grah Niwaran , Kaal Sarp Dosh, Sacred Thread (Upnayan) sanskar, Grah Shanti Havan, Rudra Abhishek, Wedding (with or without marriage certificate), all kinds of Havan, Satya -Narayan Katha & Havan, Mundan Sanskar, Recital of Sundar Kand and various other poojas requested by the devotees.
All the above poojas require prior booking.
These services are also available at the Mandir:
Counselling - Palm reading
Preparation and reading of horoscope

The Mandir Complex

Extra Ordinary Meeting of Volunteers - Sunday 24-May-2015 From 4pm in the Mandir Library

This meeting is to discuss the Campbelltown Council's Proceedings in the
"Use of Premises for Heritage and Cultural Tour Exhibitions and the Holding of Cultural Festivals - No 203 Eagleview Rd, Minto"



Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund

The Mandir Society Wishes to Thank All the Devotees Who Have Expressed Their Support for the
Relief Effort for The Victims of the Earthquake
Donations for the relief effort are welcome. These can be a direct deposit to Muktigupteshwar Mandir Society
ANZ Bank BSB:012 318 Accont No: 9044 94912. Under "Description" please write your full name
Your donations will be tax deductible

Money Collected Will be Given Directly to the Consul General of Nepal to Arrange for Urgently Needed Items

SBS Radio Programme - Links Between Australian Aboriginal Culture and India

This SBS Programme by Mrs Kumud Merani was aired on Saturday 22- Mar-2014
Sri Prem Misra is among the experts interviewed
The progamme is available here: Part 1 Part 2

Consecration of 4.5 m High Lord Shiva's White Marble Statue

The Mandir Society Wishes to Thank All the Devotees for Their Support
Also a Big Thank You to All the Volunteers

Mukti-Gupteshwar Shivdharma Mahashastra is a holy book comprising of 7,996 sanskrit shlokas (hymns). The manuscript was handed over to the Mandir by the Nepal's Rajguru, Yogi Narharinath. This holy book is the essence of Vedas, Upanishads, Smritis and other ancient scriptures. It then took over six years to translate it in Hindi by learned Sanskrit scholars from Sampoornanand University, Varanasi and Lucknow University. The contents of the Mahashashtra lead us to the higher path of our lives and that is why Mandir took the decision to publish it for the salvation of human life. This book describes dharma, charity, righteousness, fasting, pilgrimage, reading of holy books etc. It describes in detail how a person can achieve peace, contentment and salvation in this material world. This Mahashastra is ocean of knowledge in one book and it is a must for all the families. Limited numbe of copies are available at the Mandir.

Pl Ring 0422 22 67 24 or 0411 10 33 99

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Preview Songs from the Shiv Bhajans CD available for purchase from the Mandir.

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Devotion, Yoga and Meditation Classes
Free Class - Devotion, Yoga & Meditation Every Saturday from 9.30am to 10.30am. Enrolment is new on for this Art of Living class. Learn to achieve peace of mind, relieve anxiety, depression etc. Pl Contact Rama on 0422 22 67 24 or email info@muktigupteshwar.org

The Mandir is open:

  • Weekdays 10am-12midday and 5pm-7pm.
  • Weekends and Public Holidays 10am to 7pm

    email: info@muktigupteshwar.org

    Click here for Darshan times and click here to learn how to sponsor a murti (statue).

    The Mandir runs weekly yoga classes (click here for yoga details) and a weekly Gurukul "Sunday School" for children (click here for Gurukul details).

    The Mandir complex is a popular wedding and reception venue. See this page for more information.

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