Address: The Mandir is at 203 Eagleview Road, NSW, 2566.

When approaching uphill along Ben Lomond Road away from Minto railway station, turn right at the roundabout onto Eagleview Road. After the roundabout, when you see the first gate and a residence on your left – keep going. The Mukti-Gupteshwar Mandir is the next gate and building. The Mukti-Gupteshwar Mandir is not visible from the road but you can see its long dark red fence.

The map above shows the location of the mandir from minto station (A = Minto Station. B = Muktigupteshwar Mandir). Please click the link below for a custom map. Simply insert your starting point (address, or station) and it will show you the directions you need to take to get to the temple.

Click here to create your custom map to the mandir at Google Maps.

Alternatively, you can go to for a detailed map. Search for 203 Eagleview Road, Minto, NSW, 2566.

If you come by public transport, then during daylight you can get off the train at Minto Railway Station (on the Minto Road side) and get a taxi. The cabfare is about $AUD 10 and the journey takes about 10 minutes. If you come by train before sunrise or after sunset, then it’s best to continue on the train to Cambelltown Railway Station and get a taxi from there. The fare is about $AUD 15 and the journey takes 15-20 minutes.

During a large function, when coming by public transport, you can usually arrange for someone already at the Mandir to collect you from Minto Railway Station.

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