According to Hindu scriptures, consecration of the Lord’s statue in the form of a shrine, where daily puja of the deity is performed, is one of the best forms of worship. It is equivalent to building a mandir. The scriptures further state that “a devotee who builds a shrine with full devotion to the Lord leads the way to Moksha (salvation) of his seven past and future generations including his own”.

Murti Sthapana Mukti-Gupteshwar Mandir Minto NSWIn the main hall of the Mukti-Gupteshwar Mahadev mandir, there are 1008 hand carved murtis (statues) of Lord Shiva of white macarana marble, installed in solid timber and glass built-in cupboards. Each murti is approximately 15cm high and was hand-carved in Jaipur, India. The murtis represent Lord Shiva’s 1008 names (Sahastra naam). Under each murti Lord Shiva’s individual name is inscribed in the form of a mantra in both Sankrit and English

The Mukti-Gupteshwar Mandir Society is offering the once in a lifetime opportunity to devotees to sponsor murtis. Anyone who wishes to sponsor a murti can do so by completing the sponsorship form and forwarding it to the Mandir Society with a donation of $501 (five hundred and one dollars). Cheques are to be made in favour of “Mukti-Gupteshwar Mandir Society”.

A nameplate (sized 10cm x 1.6cm) with your name as the sponsor will be permanently fixed under the chosen murti name after a Sthapana ceremony conducted by the mandir pandit (priest). This Sthapana ceremony consecrates the sponsor’s murti inside the mandir.

Over 500 murtis have already been sponsored by devotees from Australia, India and many other countries

Over 500 murtis have already been sponsored by devotees from Australia, India and many other countries. You too can sponsor a murti in your family’s name, especially for special occasions such as a birthday, anniversary or in the loving memory of one who has passed on.

To sponsor a murti or for further information, please contact the mandir on 02 9820 3751 or email

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